Daito Shunsuke on Watanabe Mayu: “It doesn’t take acting to fall for her”

24 Apr


Fuji TV’s Tuesday drama “Tatakau! Shoten Girl” held its press conference on 6th April and main casts Watanabe Mayu, Daito Shunsuke, Izumi Iamori, Seiichi Tanabe etc turned up to promote the drama.

Daito Shunsuke talked about his first scene with Watanabe Mayu, which was a “fall in love at first sight” setting. “It didn’t take acting, i fell for her straightaway” he said with a smile while Watanabe got embarrassed beside. Daito continued “I entered the studio at 2am on the first day, by the time i left it was already morning. If not for the ‘love at first sight’ scene i might have complained!”

Daito, who professes to be the type of guy who draws sunshine, revealed another episode with Watanabe who is known as the type who draws rain. “I was outside filming with Watanabe san.  In the midst of a battle between sun and rain, suddenly the wind came and blew everything away. At first the equipment was knocked down, then my pocket handkerchief flew off…the filming was stopped that day and somehow without doing anything I went home drenched in the wind,” he laughed. He looks forward to future episodes with ‘rain girl’ Watanabe.


Daito seems like such a perfect guy for Mayuyu….
In another related news, it was revealed that Daito was the one who invented that dokidoki “deko-don” move between Chiba Yudai and Inamori Izumi in Episode 2. This is the move where Chiba Yudai touches his forehead against Inamori Izumi in a bid to check her temperature. A spin-off from the hugely popular “kabe-don” move from last year which saw actors in almost every drama pinning their love interests against walls.

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