Watanabe Mayu and SOLIDEMO sing for drama “Tatakau!Shoten Girl”

24 Apr

Now if you have watched “Tatakau!Shoten Girl”, you would have heard the clear crisp voice of Watanabe Mayu singing the theme song for this drama. Titled “Deai no Tsuzuki” (Continuation of our Meeting), it is a mature love song that differs from the idol pop Watanabe used to sing.

As the release date for this song is unknown, fans will just have to listen to the rip for now.

Also, checkout the insert song by SOLIDEMO, titled “Girlfriend”. The song was first aired in Episode 1 of “Tatakau!Shoten Girl” and has been receiving good responses since.

The song will be released as the group’s 4th single on 17th June.

Order SOLIDEMO’s 4th single here:




3 Responses to “Watanabe Mayu and SOLIDEMO sing for drama “Tatakau!Shoten Girl””

  1. katarafan April 26, 2015 at 2:24 am #

    I will give this drama a try if I have time. Not sure if I’ll stick with it until the end because lots of people have said it has a very boring storyline and the ratings are mediocre for the 10 pm slot. Still, I’m very curious.

    • allthingsjpop April 27, 2015 at 2:30 am #

      Yes the ratings are not good, but all the other dramas are hovering around the single digits (highest is Kimutaku’s drama which i think is even more boring that Tatakau). For Tatakau, i’m going to watch on for Inamori Izumi’s lovestory. Unfortunately so far Mayu seems to be the supporting actress more than a lead.


  1. SOLIDEMO members pledge their support for Mayuyu in upcoming Sousenkyo | allthingsjpop - April 24, 2015

    […] this day, the group sang “Girlfriend“, the song used in Watanabe Mayu’s first leading drama “Tatakau!Shoten […]

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