Performances from HKT48, Sandaime JSB and more on Music Station

Nakayama Yuma – Yolo Moment
Nice song!!! And for those who don’t know he’s Yamada Nana’s brother..

HKT48 – 12Byou

Momoiro Clover Z – Z no Chikai

Sandaime J Soul Brothers – Storm Riders feat Slash
This group’s single sales is huge…like 460,000 copies for this song. I’d like to get into their music style but it just isn’t my taste.


4 responses to “Performances from HKT48, Sandaime JSB and more on Music Station

  1. JSB’s album has already surpassed AKB’s album sales, and digital their are doing really good after they won the Japan Record Awards their popularity grow a lot, but the reason this single sold so much is because they gave it for free if u buy one their tickets for the dome tour they are doing. By the way since June Oricon is gonna ban this method of selling cds.

    • Yeah i know their song RYUSEI was well received but i can’t get myself to like it. So i’m always thinking what is the appeal of this group. Not as if there’s lotsa ikemen in there(only 1 i think). So…their way of selling CDs is not ethical…but can’t really criticize cos AKB is doing the same thing. So are we going to see a fall of sales with AKB CDs?

      • Not really since AKB does not sell CDs in that way. Oricon is gonna stop counting CDs that are sold through concerts since u are not really buying the CD but get it by free. At least you do have to buy CDs to get the HS tickets.

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