Preliminary Results for AKB48 General Elections 2015

21 May

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Preliminary voting results were announced after a stage show at the Akihabara theater yesterday. These results only show the standings of members based on first day of voting. Fans will have until 5th June 2015 3pm JPT to vote.

Top 16 members

  1. Sashihara Rino (38,151 votes) Growth: 101.5%
  2. Kashiwagi Yuki (33,426 votes) Growth: 193.6%
  3. Watanabe Mayu (29,924 votes) Growth: 118.4%
  4. Matsui Jurina (26,901 votes) Growth: 116.9%
  5. Yamamoto Sayaka (22,532 votes)  Growth: 152.3%
  6. Takahashi Minami (21,900 votes) Growth: 243.2%
  7. Shimazaki Haruka (17,921 votes) Growth: 115.5%
  8. Kodama Haruka (15,722 votes) Growth: 159.1%
  9. Shibata Aya (15,667 votes) Growth: 127.0%
  10. Kitahara Rie (14,476 votes) Growth: 168.6%
  11. Tani Marika (14,324 votes)
  12. Miyawaki Sakura (13,169 votes)
  13. Miyazawa Sae (12,225 votes)
  14. Matsumura Kaori (11,746 votes)
  15. Fuchigami Mai (11,637 votes)
  16. Takayanagi Akane (11,382 votes)


The fight between the top 3 girls is so close! While Sashihara’s votes does not seem to have grown at all, Yukirin’s fans are clearly fighting to push her to the top. Takamina’s fans are working the hardest this time so she may end up back in Kami7 instead of the new hype Sakura. 

Regular faces aside, it’s shocking to see SKE48 Tani Marika and HKT48 Fuchigami Mai in the Top 16. I can understand why variety talent Tani might be in, but who is this Fuchigami Mai? I also love the fact that SKE48’s Takayanai Akane is in this list. She’s as much of a SKE48 face as WMatsui and should have entered senbatsu a long time ago. Hope her fans keep up this momentum!

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