50 lucky ladies learn about Kojima Haruna’s fashion tips at photobook event

22 May

Following the “Kojima Haruna and 50 Bridegrooms” event previously, another event “Kojima Haruna and 50 ‘What to do?’ Ladies” was held specially for the ladies to celebrate 150,000 copies of Kojima’s photobook being sold.

On this day, 50 lucky female fans wore a black one piece dress (like that worn by Kojima on the cover of her photobook) and learnt hair and makeup tricks to look like Kojima. They were also able to ask Kojima personal questions like what she does in her private time.

“When i get home i switch on the TV and just lie there without doing anything. I don’t do glamorous stuff,” she laughed.

She also gifted some lucky fans with personal items like earrings, wallets and clothes, moving some to tears.


In the same event she was asked about fellow members’ preliminary sousenkyo rankings.

Q: Did you talk to fellow No Sleeves members Takahashi Minami and Minegishi Minami?
Takamina had work to do so i didn’t talk to her about it. As for Minegishi, i sent her a LINE message.

Q: Do you want to participate ?
No. If Takamina were to rank first and center the next single, i’d be sad not being able to participate. That’s why even though i want her to win, i also don’t want her to become No.1. It’s complicated.

Q:What other members are you looking out for?
Shiichan who is in 80th place. The event is taking place in her hometown of Fukuoka and she said her parents are coming. Even though 80th place is on the edge, i wish that she can rank in the finals. Also, Shinozaki Ayana. I was so happy she ranked at 43rd that i sent her a LINE message. This girl really likes me and feels like the fan closes to me.


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