NMB48 releases short PV for summer single “Durian Shonen”

10 Jun

“Durian Shonen” or “Durian Boy” is the new summer single from NMB48 following Yamada Nana’s graduation. A new center, 18 year old Sutou Ririka was chosen.

Sutou Ririka was NMB48’s chosen member from AKB48 Group’s first draft meeting. She debuted in NMB48’s 11th single “Don’t look back!” as a senbatsu member and is seen as a next generation ace.

An aspiring philosopher, Sutou cut her long hair to reflect her new start as a center.

“It’s a energetic and teasing song that will heat up the atmosphere at live shows. The choreography is very simple so i’d like to get everyone excited about it. I also ate durian in the special video so please checkout my hard work!”

Single will be release 15th July 2015.


The song was first performed during the concert before AKB48 2015 Senbatsu Sousenkyo. Sutou Ririka ends with a cute wink.

For Higher Quality, check this page.

Lyrics Below:

Hey! Hey! Hey! Fu! Fu!・・・
When i tried to show my boyfriend’s photo to my friends
“Your taste is so bad!”
He was totally rejected

A cool guy like him
Can’t be found anywhere else
That was what i proudly thought
I was shocked!

When i was younger i was weird
Instead of candies (and chocolates)
And cakes(i liked….)
Salt Pickled Sea Squirt!

There’s only a fine line between good-looking and ugly guys
Every girl has her ideal type
Everyone wants to be looked at
By my own Prince

Ugly guys and ikemen are the same
If you fall in love it’s your brand
Whatever other says i’m hooked
Because he’s my only one

He is the one i’m interested in – Durian Boy

Fun facts:

-The MV was filmed at the Grand Hotel Taipei swimming pool in mid May.

-Durian is a tropical fruit in South East Asia that looks very prickly on the outside (smells bad too) but very tasty if you get into it. The fact that AkiP is using it to describe a human is amazing!

-Fans reported Sayanee put on hair extensions to make way for the new center.

I love this song..NMB is getting very good summer singles recently.


3 Responses to “NMB48 releases short PV for summer single “Durian Shonen””

  1. Isabel Shiori June 10, 2015 at 3:46 am #

    Ah this song is great! NMB48 are so enjoyable to watch, but I haven’t been into their new songs for a while… For me, this feels like a return to form 🙂

  2. Ruzain Ruzain June 10, 2015 at 3:46 pm #

    luckily i can see full mv after ramadhan becouse its gravure.hehe


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