[Update]Will Matsui Rena announce graduation tonight?

10 Jun


Matsui Rena has announced her graduation on the radio show. She will leave the group at the end of August 2015. “There is little time left, but staff have been planning a live show for me in Nagoya. There are other events other than the handshake sessions, and i am thinking so i can meet as many fans as possible.”

She had been thinking about graduation 2 years ago, and seriously considered it this year. When fans asked about graduation she did not lie and deny as she was indeed thinking about it. When asked about her reason for revealing it today, she said “My schedule towards graduation has been planned so with this chance i decided to tell everyone.”

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SKE48 Matsui Rena(23) has decided to graduate from the group, as reported 9th June. She entered SKE48 at the age of 17 in 2008 and worked as one half double center WMatsui. As one of the main figures in 48Group, she was ranked 5th in last year’s Sousenkyo but held back from participation this year. She will talk about graduation herself possibly on the 10th June.

Behind the fuss of this year’s Sousenkyo, she had already made the important decision and expressed her intentions to Akimoto Yasushi. It seems like they had made preparations for the announcement in secret.

-Skip part about her achievements-

After the age of 20, she branched out into various fields like acting, reporting, radio. This year she also challenged voice acting and boasts a busy solo portfolio. Last month she also took on the leading role for AKB48 musical “Majisuka Gakuen”. “She might have felt that her role in AKB48 Group is fulfilled,”said insider. It seems like she will continue to fulfill her dreams as an actress.

Tonight, she will appear in radio show “AKB48 no All Night Nippon” at 1am. On the show’s homepage, they had already posted “Something big has happened to that person! The first move after Sousenkyo! Something big will happen!” in teasers. NikkanSports talked about this teaser “It happens everytime, but you won’t know what happens.”

Will Rena announce it herself during the show?


Akimoto Yasushi on graduation “I’ll leave it to her”

SKE48’s Matsui Rena(23) has decided to graduate from the group. Akimoto Yasushi appeared on a radio show and talked about his discussions with Rena.

Matsui Rena’s graduation was reported by NikkanSports. She is set to appear on All Night Nippon(radio show) at 1am to talk about it. On the website, a teaser title describes “Tonight, Matsui Rena Announcement Special ~Starting at 1am! Please listen to it live!”

Akimoto Yasushi commented “As a first generation from SKE, she has led the members thus far. She is someone who supported the members in various ways.”

When asked about his consultations with Rena, he said “We talk about various topics on a regular basis, but i told her i’d leave it to her. The method of announcement in her hands. Of course, it could be graduation, but it can also be a hiatus. She is someone who thinks properly. Not participating in Sousenkyo is a way of discovering herself one more time. It’s also not a call for her to resign. She will talk about it in her own way.”

About her possible graduation announcement tonight, he said “What will happen? I leave it to her. What she announces and in what way. It might be something related to Graduation. It could also be what she wants to do in future. I think she’ll talk about the improvement in SKE48’s performance in Sousenkyo too.”

“Will SKE48 be fine without Matsui Rena?”

“She probably thought much about it. If she speaks about graduation and alot of SKE members enter senbatsu, she might see a path for SKE without her.She thinks alot about SKE and loves it alot. When she was working with Nogizaka she saw their strengths and seeked to reflect it in SKE.”


One Response to “[Update]Will Matsui Rena announce graduation tonight?”

  1. Denny Sinnoh June 10, 2015 at 10:48 pm #

    Rena has the face that launched a thousand ships alright. She is good in everything.

    (Her kimono photos are the most searched-for item on my blog. If it wasn’t for her I would not have had the number of views recorded by WP stats.)

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