NEWS to release Indian style single “Chumu Chumu”

18 Jun

NEWS completed their national tour at the Tokyo Dome on 14th June 2015. Tegoshi Yuya(27) threw out kisses to the 55,000 fans and said “If you let your guard down you’ll faint!Lets enjoy our date to the fullest!”

The tour was produced using songs from their album “White” released earlier this year. Masuda Takahisa(28) was responsible for the costumes, designing them such that members could be seen easily. 40,000 colorful balloons were also released on the stage towards the end.

On this day, their new single “Chumu Chumu” was also performed during their encore. “Even though the tour has ended, our force can’t be stopped. Please lookout for us in the later half of the year,” said Koyama.


Titled “Chumu Chumu” (in Hindi this means “Kiss”), the song is an indian themed song talking about platonic love.

Fans were quite happy to hear about this new release, calling the title cute and the style very suitable for NEWS.

Single will be released 24th June 2015.



2 Responses to “NEWS to release Indian style single “Chumu Chumu””

  1. mastimazak86 May 19, 2016 at 7:47 pm #

    the correct hindi word is Chumma and not chumu.


  1. NEWS perform indian style “Chumu Chumu” on CDTV | allthingsjpop - June 24, 2015

    […] reported earlier, this is an indian style song talking about platonic love. Member Tegoshi Yuya demostrates the […]

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