Nogizaka46 talks about graduating Matsui Rena and new single “Taiyou Knock”

18 Jun

Nogizaka46’s new single, set to release 22nd July, will be titled “Taiyou Knock”.

This news was announced when the 10 Fukujin members attended a press event for 7-Eleven on the 13th June 2015. The 10 Fukujin members are namely Akimoto Manatsu, Ikuta Erika, Ikoma Rina, Sakurai Rei, Shiraishi Mai, Takayama Kazumi, Nishino Nanase, Hashimoto Nanami, Fukagawa Mai, Wakatsuki Yumi.

Member Ikoma Rina will be centering this single since “Kimi no Na wa Kibou”.

“This is a cute song compared to the previous summer singles. It is under production, please look forward to it” said Ikoma Rina.

She also talked about SKE48 Matsui Rena who has recently announced her graduation from the 48Group. “Her time with us was only about a year but she led us forward as a member of Nogizaka46. Honestly, it’s lonely but our time together was meaningful. We’d happy if she can come for one more live show while she’s still an idol. We will also work hard so we can collaborate after she graduates.”

On this day, they also promoted limited edition snacks in 7-Eleven which had packaging with their faces on it.

“What should i do? I’m happy but it feels like alot of Ikomas are looking at me,” said Ikoma.

Ikuta Erika said that she’d have to disguise herself as she’s embarrassed but Akimoto Manatsu declared that she’d buy the snacks without covering her face.


Preorder their single here:

Type A

Type B

Type C

Regular Edition


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