Kashiwagi Yuki makes first public appearance after scandal, continues to be shielded from media

19 Jun


48 Group members Kashiwagi Yuki and Sashihara Rino appeared for a Baitoru press event today.  Reporters were initially allowed to a on-the-spot interview with the members but the format was suddenly changed to one where only the commercial director was allowed to post questions. The event ended without any followup to the scandal.

Usually, for commercial press events, even though organizers would request for reporters to ask more questions related to the event, reporters have freedom to ask a variety of questions. For this event, reporters were informed that only the commercial director will be allowed to question so queries from reporters were not acknowledged. The organizer also mentioned that if any reporters try to pose questions outside the scope of this event, they could be stopped.


“I want to work hard for 1 year”

When asked if she about next year’s Sousenkyo, Kashiwagi Yuki said with a smile “I want to work hard for 1 year.However, i have seen how thick Sasshi’s wall is.”

Sashihara Rino also expressed interested in aiming for a 3rd win. “I want to get a straight win but what happens next year is a question mark.”




3 Responses to “Kashiwagi Yuki makes first public appearance after scandal, continues to be shielded from media”

  1. Anonymous June 19, 2015 at 5:51 am #

    Hopefully Sashi will graduate next year


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