Miura Shohei in a relationship with Honda Tsubasa

24 Jun

Actor Miura Shohei(27) and actress Honda Tsubasa(22) are in a serious relationship, as reported on 22nd June 2015. The 2 met in 2013 on the set of Fuji TV drama “Shomuni 2013” and got close, sharing similar interests in games and manga. The pair are said to be each other’s ideal type.

Miura’s ideal type, as revealed in the past, was someone with “beautiful hair, hands, legs, skin…” which Honda matches. Honda has a episode where she was scouted 7 times in a single day. Nicknamed “Bassa~”, she is a popular icon with at least 10 advertisement contracts in her pocket. Her movie “Ao Haru Ride” raked in 20 hundred million yen last year and she is set to appear as the lead actress in Fuji TV’s Getsu-9 drama in July this year.

Miura Shohei himself debuted from 2007 Junon Superboy Contest. With his looks and 1.8m height, he is also a popular actor himself, appearing in at least 2 dramas each year. Honda says that she likes a “big brother who can lead her” and it seems like Miura matches her ideals as well.


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