Kyanjani8 debut PV”Candy My Love” in full!

13 Aug

There is nothing i can possibly hate about this song. The tune is so luxurious considering this is a CM song meant for a 30 seconds timeslot. I love the busy violins playing in the background and the girls robotically singing along as center Subako belts out her heart in her heartwrenching voice.

Of course, anything related to Kanjani8 comes with some comedy effect. In the opening, Subako sings about how hard it is to meet her lover, to the point that she doubts if she’s ever met him. Yokoyama responds with “Subako, are you alright in the head?” As we progress, we realise Subako’s love is actually Nishikido Ryo as he appears in her dream-like state and she reaches out to touch him. I don’t know about you, but the thought of Subaru thinking about Nishikido as his lover while acting out this MV made me laugh. As for the other members, the fine elements of their acting is also worth watching. Things like getting pricked by needles, their attempts at forlorn expressions etc are bound to put a smile on your face.

For more information about this single, please click here.



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