Kuramochi Asuka graduates from AKB48

18 Aug

Kuramochi Asuka held her graduation stage on 17th August at the Akihabara theater.

As the captain of Team B the past 1.5 years, this was her last stage with fellow Team B members. Fans made a T-shirt for her bearing the number “21”, which was her highest ranking in Sousenkyo, as well as her father’s jersey number when he was a professional baseball player.

During the live, ex-wrestler Kobashi Kenta whom Kuramochi is a big fan of also appeared. As Kobashi Kenta has just welcomed the birth of his first child, he commented “Lets work hard for the start of our 2nd youths.”

During the encore, same generation members Tanaka Chisato(24), Fujie Reina(21), Oya Shizuka(23) sang “Himawari”. With ex-teammates Miyazawa Sae(25), Umeda Ayaka(26) and Kobayashi Kana(24), she sang “To be continued”.

Lastly, the members surprised her by singing her debut solo song “Itsumo Soba ni”, causing her to tear up.

“I’m graduating to be a sportscaster, but this dream came about because of AKB48. I’ve experienced alot these 8 years. When i announced graduation, i received lots of comments on my blog which became my support. I will believe in those words and word hard. I was raised to believe that i’m the type to achieve success later in life, so i will word hard hoping someday i’ll bloom brightly.”

Her father commented afterwords “I was moved. It’s starting from now. The whole family wants to cheer her on.”


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