Takizawa Kabuki starts its run in Singapore, sales prove to be quite a success

20 Aug

Takizawa Hideaki, Kisumai’s Kitayama Hiromitsu, A.B.C-Z’s Kawai Fumito are now in Singapore as they perform the Takizawa Kabuki overseas for the first time. With the theme of “Japan’s 4 seasons”, the show comprises elements like sakura, snow and ghost stories atypical of summer.

The show is entirely in Japanese but English narration was added and performers tried to relay the stories using their bodies.

During the finale, snow created by special machines showered down, allowing the audience to experience the coldness of winter.

Takizawa commented “The reactions here are fresh.”
Kawai said “The audience reactions are straightforward.”
Kitayama said “Its great that people can connect with entertainment despite the language differences. I understand now why Johnny san likes entertainment.”

The show runs from 18th Aug to 23rd Aug, at the Marina Bay Sands Grand Theater. Tickets range from $95 to $170 and can be bought at the sistic website.

I’d love to go just to see Takki but Kabuki’s not really my thing. I suppose most who went are Japanese. The sales are quite good for a Japanese act though, maybe 90% full based on sistic availability,although Japanese press is reporting it as sold out. Hope this spurs more JE acts to come to Singapore..*Arashi concert pls!*

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