[Breaking]Horikita Maki gets married to Koji Yamamoto after 3 months of dating!

23 Aug

Actress Horikita Maki(26) and Yamamoto Koji(38) got married on the 22nd August, as reported by their agencies. The 2 met each other 6 years ago and co-starred as lovers in a stage play this May. They apparently fell in love and started dating in June, co-habiting in August and officially submitted the marriage papers today. Horikita is not pregnant and will continue her work.

According to a related personnel, after the stage play ended in June, Yamamoto who had been interested in Horikita in the past invited her out for a meal. That started the relationship.

Horikita Maki had revealed her ideal type in May, right before Yamamoto as they promoted the stage play together. “I’d like to get married to a person I like. I prefer a stable relationship,” she said.

On Yamamoto, Horikita said “He’s a kind person who helps me to find a solution when i’m worried over my acting.”

In response, he praised “She does things properly so there’s no need for me to be worried.”


Netizens are of course as shocked as I am over this…12 years age gap, 3 months dating, to a man who is not exactly whom we’ve imagined? Never..nevertheless, congratulations!


4 Responses to “[Breaking]Horikita Maki gets married to Koji Yamamoto after 3 months of dating!”

  1. yamakita December 28, 2015 at 4:43 am #

    I’m usually happy about celebrity coupling of any kind because it’s really not anyone’s business. This one got to me, however, since maki has been on my pedestal for 8 years. Her acting sucks, but her face is angelic to me. This poor pairing makes me dislike maki in an instance. Bye bye maki.


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