Tackey & Tsubasa new single is for the train otakus

26 Aug


Train otakus will love Tackey & Tsubasa’s new single this time. Titled “Yamanotesen Uchimawari ~Ai no Meiro~”, the song is version 2 of the original “Yamanotesen Sotomawari” released in 2011, which basically sings about the train stops along the popular Yamanote Line in Tokyo.

The single will be released on 23rd September.

Both will also start their concert tour on the 22nd September.


Those who are interested in the jacket covers can checkout Avex site.

CDJAPAN Regular Edition
TakkiTsuba Shop Edition

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    […] mentioned earlier, “Yamanotesen Uchimawari ~Ai no Meiro~” will be released 23rd September. In the MV […]

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