NMB48 Yamamoto Sayaka set to appear in NHK’s morning drama next year?

1 Sep

NMB48’s Yamamoto Sayaka was chosen to be the center for theme song of next year’s NHK Morning Drama “Asa ga Kita”. It seems that chances for her appearing in the drama is high as well.

People related to NHK have speculated that she’d appear in the drama. “The executive producer Sano Motohiko is a big AKB fan and having them sing the theme song was his earnest wish. He also said it’s not impossible that the members appear in the drama and asked people to look forward to it. At the very least, we can expect center Yamamoto to appear?”

The storyline of this drama is set in Osaka. Apparently, it was also executive producer Sano Motohiko who pushed for  Yamamoto(who is born in Osaka) to be center.

“In previous morning dramas, other members like Murayama Yuiri and Fujie Reina have acted as well but their airtime was short. Yamamoto should have the longest airtime amongst them. Watanabe Mayu,Shimazaki Haruka, Kitahara Rie, Yokoyama Yui etc have all expressed their hopes to be actresses and auditioned for the heroine role. I think their chances to appear is high.”


One Response to “NMB48 Yamamoto Sayaka set to appear in NHK’s morning drama next year?”


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