SKE48 Matsui Rena graduation concert in Toyota Stadium

2 Sep

Matsui Rena held her graduation concert on the 29th and 30th August in Nagoya’s Toyota Stadium, mobilising 75,000 fans.

Kizaki Yuria who was transferred to AKB48 last year made a surprise appearance. Nogizaka46, whom Rena had held a concurrent position with also made a live video call from their concert venue in Tokyo to express their well-wishes. Rena was quite surprised and exclaimed “Wait wait, this is live?” Nogizaka46 then presented Rena with the first costume she wore as a member of Nogizaka46 and said “We don’t want Rena to forget us.When you want to be cheered up pls return to Nogizaka46.” Rena replied “I’m happy with this many surprises, lets get everyone excited for our lives!”

At the end, remaining members from the 1st generation of SKE48 read her a letter.

Matsui Jurina: Actually, i didn’t want to say it, but congratulations.Rena is like the sun to me. I wasn’t able to be frank, but i really like you. Today is the last time i can stand on stage with you, so i feel lonely. I don’t want you to worry. I will become stronger. There are only 2 members from the 1st generation left, but we’ll protect SKE,so Rena chan, please watch over us. This is my last promise. 

Matsui Rena: 7 years seems long, but it flew past quickly for me. “What is your most treasured memory so far?” is a question i’m always asked. I can’t pinpoint one as every single moment was special. For SKE48, being able to stand on Toyota Stadium stage like this is something i have to thank everyone for.We started off in the theater, with only 1 performance a week. That one performance is more fun that anything else. Because the fans supported and discovered various members, we were able to stand here. I will be leaving on another path from now, but my experience here will always follow me. Thank you.

The crying members watched on as Rena sang her solo song “2588 days” and said her goodbyes to the fans. When she left the stage, rain fell from the skies.


Pics from Toyota Stadium:

It is said that the Nogizaka46 fans displayed this “sea of green” as well. Green is Rena’s lightstick color.

First generation members

Beautiful graduation dress, i love it

While Akane is crying away, i’m fixated by the backview of this dress

JuriRena pic

I would have loved to attend her graduation concert…
Rena has very good expressions when she performs. When it is a dance song she makes it look energetic(even though she’s frail looking). When it’s a ballad, she makes me think the song is beautiful. My favourite 48Group song in the past year is actually Bukiyou Taiyou. 



One Response to “SKE48 Matsui Rena graduation concert in Toyota Stadium”

  1. Denny Sinnoh September 2, 2015 at 8:29 pm #

    Dress is wonderful. Got lost a little bit.
    : )

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