Compilation of AKB48 Halloween Night performances

Bringing promotions to a whole new level…i’ve never heard of 1/3 these shows. If you’re bored with the standard perfs then checkout Music Station and Trick Hunter.


AKB48 Show!

Disco Train(Yukirin Center)

Trick Hunter(Magic version)

Music Station (Magic version)
Buzz Rhythm

Music Japan

24hr TV

Club Chic (Ticketed event in Grand Hyatt Tokyo)
FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri
The Music Day

Odaiba Yume Tairiku(Kojiharu center)


3 responses to “Compilation of AKB48 Halloween Night performances

  1. I used the Club Chic clip on my blog couple of weeks ago. Note at time 1:01 when only legs are seen, I could identify Yukirin by just her legs. The camera pans up. Yup, that’s Yuki. I can recognize her from only her legs now.
    : )
    I really should get back to work …

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