Matsui Rena: “I want friends fast!”

3 Sep

This is probably the last article i will translate about Rena. Excerpts from interview after her last theater stage on 31st Aug 2015.

Q: Pls talk about your last dress.
Purple(a color i love) was used in it, as with the costume in “Mae no Meri”. The special part is this linkage with “Mae no Meri”.

Q: Your thoughts while singing the last song?
I always thought it’d be a happy moment, but while introducing the song i cried. It was abit embarrassing. For the last time i wanted to smile and convey my happiness.

Q: Your happiest and more regretful moments in these 7 years?
Being able to smile and end the stage today is most special for me. It was a great day. Regretful and tiring moments are just happy moments for me now.

Q: You can start dating now.
I didn’t think about it so i don’t know how to answer you. But i want friends fast! Someone who doesn’t think that i’m a female, a friend who can express thoughts frankly and objectively.

Q: What are you doing tomorrow?
Tomorrow’s work. If there’s a holiday i’d like to bring my family to see me doing power sports! (Rena actually does muscle training.)

Q:How are you going to take advantage of the things you learnt in SKE?
In SKE there are various bright or sad love songs. My feelings towards the songs change everyday. I hope to express these feelings through my acting.

Q:Would you challenge bed scenes?
If there’s a need to.I’d talk to the producer.I’m prepared for it. It also depends on the time and place.

Q: What’s your aim as an actress?
I’ve always received opportunities to appear on Kouhaku with SKE48. It’d be great if i can get a role in Taiga dramas or Asadora(morning dramas), and appear in Kouhaku in a different way.


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One Response to “Matsui Rena: “I want friends fast!””

  1. Denny Sinnoh September 3, 2015 at 11:18 pm #

    I bet every Japanese actor, rock star and assistant prefect was there to try to get her number.

    Denny imitating Han Solo: “Do you think that a Princess like that, and a guy like me …”
    Luke Skywalker: “NO!!!”

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