48Group talk about their handshake events on UTAGE!

10 Sep

From 12:00~

Nakai: How much does AKB48 sell?
48Girls: 1.5million?
Nakai: Why?
Sasshi: Previously the “Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai” CD was a sousenkyo single so it came with voting tickets.
Nakai: I kinda understand that, but what about the previous singles?
Sasshi: Handshake tickets. You can buy them without limits.
Nakai: So if you buy 10 CDs you can do the handshakes 10 times?
Sasshi: You can also combine the tickets and talk for a very long time.
Nakai: Who is the most popular member?
Miichan: For handshakes there are certain members, for goods sales there’s others.
Nakai: So who is the best at goods sales?
Miichan: Paruru is doing well in calendar sales but if you go to her handshakes you won’t feel good…
Nakai: That’s because of her saltiness?
Miichan: Yes, so if she offers “kami taiyou” (godly service) she’d be great.
Nakai: So who are the “kami taiyou” members?
Sasshi: The pioneers are Yukirin and then Sayanee.

Yamamoto Sayaka demonstrates her handshake skills with Kisumai’s Miyata
Sayanee: *waves excitedly* Hello, thank you!
Miyata: Oh your hair is so pretty and your eyes are cute!
Sayanee: Oh? Thanks! *Handshake ends*
Miyata: Omg! I understand! As you walk away you will certainly like her!Next time i’ll aim for 20seconds and buy 2 copies! 10 seconds is a good timeframe! Not too short and not too long – it makes you want to meet her again.
Sasshi: My record is talking to someone for 1.5hrs. At that time he took out 300~400 tickets and we sat down to talk. I even know his workplace.

So apparently the amount of money needed to talk to Sasshi for 1.5hrs is USD$10,000. This makes AKB48 sound like the typical hostess club in Japan.

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