Who is next in Johnny’s Entertainment to get married?

“When idols reach a suitable age, they should get married without reservations,” said Johnny Kitagawa in response to Kokubun Taichi’s marriage announcement.

Kokubun was apparently surprised hearing this, saying “I didn’t think that Johnny san would say this.”

In the past, there was an unspoken rule that only 1 member per idol group may get married, but Kokubun’s marriage makes him the 2nd member in TOKIO doing so, shattering the urban legend.

So the spotlight is now on which Johnny’s idol is getting married next – V6 Okada Junichi who is rumored to be in a relationship with Miyazaki Aoi, or V6 Nagano Hiroshi with Miho Shiraishi.

Of course, SMAP and TOKIO members are all potential candidates as well, with most members of marriageable age. But it is said that chances of a 3rd TOKIO member getting married is slim.



8 responses to “Who is next in Johnny’s Entertainment to get married?

  1. Arashi MJ x Inoue Mao (they’re enganged, right ?)

    are Okada jun x miyazaki aoi real ?

    I wonder if SMAP can get married.. i mean the rest of member said that they didnt have any commitment to go into that phase..

    TOKIO tough.. the rest are ikemen.. they can do whatever they want u,u

  2. Oh, you watch that SMAPxSMAP episode^^.. and right about kusanagi, he stated about it. but dont you think the others have the same feels like kusanagi, esp nakai.

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