Oh no! Arashi’s Ohno snapped living with ex-actress 10 years his junior

Thanks to a tipoff from Erika..

In latest issue of FRIDAY, there are photos of Arashi’s leader Ohno and someone who seems to be his lover “A” as they left a bedrock bath for his home.

‘A’ is 170cm tall, pretty, 24years old and used to be an actress.She appeared in drama “Live”(FujiTV) and movie “The Chasing World 5”, but couldn’t survive in the entertainment industry and went to work in a bar in Nishi Azabu, The 2 became friendly as Ohno visited the bar and started dating 1 year ago. ‘A’ likes art and spoke of their common interests to her friend.

The friend said “The 2 of them started living together as soon as they started the relationship. ‘A’ has stopped her showbiz activities. She takes care of the household chores while Ohno is busy. Awhile back, she mentioned waking early to bake bread for Ohno.”

A few days after being papp-ed by FRIDAY, the magazine caught up with them again as they visited a high class yakiniku in Shirokane.

FRIDAY: You seem to be dating well with A!
Ohno: Eh? What?
FRIDAY: What is A’s presence to you?
Ohno: I can’t say anything
FRIDAY: Will you get married like TOKIO’s Kokubun?
Ohno: I can’t say anything

Desipite FRIDAY’s persistent questioning, Ohno could only say “Sorry” in a small voice and hurry away.

Will leader be the next to get married?


Netizens are saying ‘A’ is Natsume Suzu and comments are largely supportive. 


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