And very quickly Arashi’s Ohno decides to breakup with girlfriend?

20 Sep

In essence….

“After all Arashi is Johnny’s cash cow. Even if Ohno reaches a marriageable age, it’s not easy for him to get married,” says showbiz professional. Reports are floating about that this relationship is nearing its end.

“It’s true that the agency is making him breakup with his girlfriend. It is also said that Ohno himself has decided to breakup.”


On GirlsChannel:

[+1740] Ohno is 34, pls let him do what he wants
[+1605] He’s 34, it’s not cool to breakup just because he was pressed into it.Even the fans would be disgusted.
[+1267] He’s old enough..even if he dates it’s fine
[+1339] Be gracious like TOKIO fans! Well it could be because they’re of an older generation. Those who stop being a fan just because their idol gets married aren’t fans.
[+1040] A guy who can’t get married by 40 is odd in Japan. Foreigners will laugh at us again.

For initial story, pls check this article

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