Listen to AKB48 theme song for NHK morning drama “Asa ga Kita”

20 Sep

The song titled “365nichi no Kami Hikouki” was aired in AKB48 Show and this should be the version Tamaki Hiroshi/Haru heard and commented on in my previous article.

During the press conference, Takahishi Minami said “There was the problem of her being a Kari Neko(refers to someone who acts more tamely when outside their typical home) when she was in AKB48 senbatsu,she couldn’t show herself.Since she’s a center now she should graduate from being one, will you?”

Yamamoto replied, “…Yes!”

Watanabe Mayu commented “Those who haven’t heard Sayanee’s voice probably won’t realise AKB48’s existence. Her voice is one level above AKB?”

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