Fukuyama Masaharu’s marriage sparks cries of dismay

29 Sep

Fukuyama Masaharu’s marriage on the 28th September has shocked fans all over Japan. On the Internet, cries of dismay can be seen.

“Received a LINE message from a friend who’s a fan of Fukuyama. It seems like she can’t find the will to work.”
“I want to congratulate him, but i just want to go home.”
“Eh? Fukuyama is now married? But i haven’t even received a proposal!”
“What? My Fukuyama?!”
“This is the end of Japan!”

These are the same reactions which occurred when Hidetoshi Nishijima(44) and Mukai Osamu(33) got married last year.

Remaining bachelors of Japan below.

Kuranosuke Sasaki(47)

Yutaka Takenouchi(44)

Kase Ryo(40)

Yusuke Iseya(39)

Hasegawa Hiroki(38)

Tamaki Hiroshi(35)


I have no idea who half of these “eligible bachelors” are but i’d be sad if either Takenouchi or Tamaki Hiroshi married someday.

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