Reactions to Fukuyama Masaharu’s marriage announcement

30 Sep

Fukuyama Masaharu and actress Kazue Fukiishi’s marriage announcement has caused Amuse Entertainment’s share prices to drop. By the end of 29th September, stock values had fallen 8.3% from previous day, roughly a 4 billion yen loss.

Amuse, taking into consideration the market reactions to Fukuyama’s marriage, made the announcement after 3pm on 28th September. They also reported the news to Fukuyama’s fan club “BROS.” 10mins prior.


Amuse actors Sato Takeru and Ryunosuke Kamiki offer their joint blessings

“Congratulations on your marriage. You’ve always doted on us. We’re happy to hear about your news.”
The 2 have worked with Fukuyama in Rurouni Kenshin movies and look up to him as a brother. They are currently promoting a new movie “Bakuman”.


Arashi Sakurai Sho offers his congratulations to Kazue Fukiishi

“Fukiishi san is someone whom i’ve worked with in various dramas. She smiles warmly when she talks about her family. I’m sure she’ll build a warm family herself too.”


Shibasaki Kou congratulates Fukuyama

“Finally you’re married. Congratulations! Somehow i’ve various feelings. You’re like family(laughs). Please write a happy song for me next!”


Takamina: “I thought he’s the prince who would never get married”

AKB48 Takahashi Minami:”I’m so envious of so many getting married. I’d be able to date once i graduate…”

Takahashi Juri:”Please don’t go gaga over weird people.”

Takamina: “I’m told i’d be attracted to weird people! Afterall it’s been 10 years since i was allowed to date so i might be bad at it. I’ll consult the graduated ones first before dating.”


Gackt: “Please introduce someone to me”

Gackt also offered his congratulations to newly married Masaharu. Responding to media about his relationship status, he confessed to being lonely and asked to be introduced to someone.

His ideal type is someone who can spend important time together, and someone who doesn’t play with her cellphone during meals.



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