MV and CD covers for Nogizaka46 single “Ima, Hanashitai Dare ga iru”

7 Oct

The MV was filmed in mid September in Shizuoka. Nishino Nanase plays a girl who has a hearing handicap. Shiraishi Mai plays the center of a dance group and learns sign language in order to communicate with Nishino.

They aim to participate in a dance contest together but Nishino has to leave for New York last minute and so the girls dash to say their goodbyes.

The song is going to be used for anime movie “Kokoro ga sakebitagatterun da” which airs 19th September. The single will be released on 28th October.

Purchase their single below:

Limited Type A

Limited Type B

Limited Type C

Regular Edition

4 Responses to “MV and CD covers for Nogizaka46 single “Ima, Hanashitai Dare ga iru””

  1. Denny Sinnoh October 7, 2015 at 9:54 am #

    That’s a lot of work.

  2. noiralt October 7, 2015 at 12:57 pm #

    Hi, I was wondering, if you could translate a few articles in the future about Fukushi Sota, Kentaro Sakaguchi, Haruma Miura, Masahiro Higashide, Utada Hikaru, any groups/alt-rock like Perfume, Dream and any random info on friendships, costars that don’t get along/scandals/dating news and who’s popular I know it’s a lot to ask and I’m not expecting you to translate all of this, but I’m super excited that there’s a blog for some jpop news!!!!! 🙂

    • allthingsjpop October 7, 2015 at 11:47 pm #

      I don’t know some of those actors you mentioned but i’ll try my best esp with Miura and Fukushi Sota. As for the music acts, it’s hard to post about Utada and Dream since they’re inactive but yea, if they’re active will post as well.


  1. Nogizaka46 releases gibberish dance track for B-side of “Ima, Hanashitai dare ka ga Iru” single | allthingsjpop - October 16, 2015

    […] the release of their MV for title track, “Ima hanashitai dare ka ga Iru”, Nogizaka46 has also released the MV for coupling track […]

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