Ayano Go and Golden Bomber’s Darvish Kenji are BFFs

8 Oct

Popular actor Ayano Go(33) and Golden Bomber’s Darvish Kenji(34) are apparently best of friends, and their relationship have become the talk of town.

“Within the industry, there are rumors of them being together, but they’re really close. Ayano Go is one of the few who knows Darvish’s real face. He hangs out with Ayano more often than Golden Bomber members.” – showbiz insider.

If you check Darvish’s blog, you’ll see the 2 of them going on private trips. “There isn’t even a sign of a woman’s shadow. The places they visit often are Osaka and Kyoto in the Kansai area. They also go to onsens together.”

It’s said that the 2 met 2 years ago through singer Nishikawa Takanori’s birthday party.

“Darvish was the one who approached Ayano. Ayano didn’t know that he was part of Golden Bomber as Darvish had no makeup on. They had an enjoyable conversation and after drinks exchanged contacts. It was last year when Ayano finally came to know about Darvish’s real identity. One day, Darvish was at TV Asahi and heard that Ayano Go was there as well, so with makeup on his face he visited Ayano’s room.” – TV network insider.

According to Ayano, Darvish Kenji looks like Yamashita Tomohisa(30).

“When the 2 travel, they’d disguise themselves and visit snack bars and cabaret clubs.It can be said they are close enough to know each other’s secrets.”


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