Kis-My-Ft2 performs “AAO” and interview

22 Oct

Nakai’s new music show Momm!

Girls in the street were asked to write a question for Kisumai members.

“What would you prefer girls to wear from Autumn to Winter?”
Fujigaya: How about knit? In White! If it’s a mini skirt, knee-level boots and a white knit top..

“Your fetish?”
Yokoo:I don’t have one, but i’d look at a girls legs from behind.
Members: Doesn’t that make it a legs fetish?
Yokoo: Not the kind of legs that models have which are overly thin
Senga: What about the color?
Yokoo: White would be good

“Do you go out with members during off days?”
Senga: I do go for BBQs with Miyata or Tamamori.
Tamamori: Senga is always late!
Senga: Please don’t make me treat you for lunch!

“How much time do you take to set your hair?”
Tamamori: About 20mins?
Kitayama to Miyata: You bring the senior’s photos to saloons right?
Miyata: Yes, like Takizawa or Domoto Koichi’s. (He was chosen as the member who takes the longest to set his hair.) I start arranging my hair 1 hour in advance.When i take a step and my hair falls out of place i have to reset it.
Kitayama: He’s really troublesome!

Purchase this single here:

Limited Edition

Regular Edition

Bundled Edition

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