Kintaro moves on from Maeda Atsuko to mimic Shimazaki Haruka

24 Oct

Kintaro is a comedian who used to impersonate Maeda Atsuko, particularly her famous line “Even if you hate me, don’t hate AKB”. She seems to have moved on to impersonating Shimazaki Haruka now. Below is a funny excerpt from a variety show last night.

Scenario: Shimazaki Haruka in Sousenkyo – A very salty speech

MC: In 9th place, is Team A’s Shimazaki Haruka!
(Kintaro appears as Paruru, complete with troubled-looking eyebrows and hangover makeup.)
Paruru: I’m happy to receive this ranking. That’s all! *pout*
MC: That’s a fabulous speech, thank you.But don’t you have more to say to your fans?

Paruru to Takamina
Paruru: Mm……then please let me say more. Takamina san, you’re graduating soon. You always say hard work will always be rewarded, but i was rewarded without having to work hard! Shimazaki Haruka desu *waves*

Paruru to Sasshi
Paruru: Sashihara san! Thanks for taking on the role to push me!

Paruru to Mariko
Paruru: Shinoda san, it seems like i’ve easily crushed you! Lucky! (Shinoda is like WTH?!)

Paruru to Akip
Paruru: Akimoto san, for my increase in ranking, do increase my salary accordingly!

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