Netizens rave over cute Hashimoto Kanna in a Halloween cosplay

27 Oct

Some eyebrow-raising titles that have been conferred on Hashimoto Kanna(idol group Rev. from DVL):

“once in 1000 years beauty”
“a little devil but Angelic inside out”



On Girlschannel:

[+4886] Yes, cute
[+3655] As usual, cute
[+3365] The stability of her cuteness is amazing
[+3572] Did a commoner take these pictures? They are perfect!
[+3866] She’s an angel


Personally i think she’s not that amazingly cute. I prefer her rival Kiku of SNH48, who happens to be the “once in 4 thousand years beauty” in China.

One Response to “Netizens rave over cute Hashimoto Kanna in a Halloween cosplay”

  1. wicked October 27, 2015 at 10:02 am #

    I have never understood the appeal of her, she’s cute I just feel like there are cuter girls. I guess it’s just a personal preference.

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