Yamamoto Koji clarifies reports about his courtship of Horikita Maki

27 Oct

Yamamoto Koji once again speaks out about Horikita Maki, whom he married in a flash after “zero days of dating”.

It seems like the 40 “love letters” he gave her were actually advice about acting for their stage play “Wuthering Heights”, and in the process of writing them his love for her deepened.

The “miracle meeting and proposal on shinkansen” story wasn’t entirely true either, as he’d phoned her on the previous day to check out her arrival time in Kyoto, which allowed him to gauge her boarding time from Tokyo. However he calls it a miracle because they managed to meetup despite boarding from different stations.

About the supposed proposal on the train, he said “It wasn’t a proposal. I bought a cute ring for her but i thought it might be burdensome so i didn’t give it in the end.”


For the background stories:



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