Why did Sayashi Riho quit? The lonely ace of Morning Musume ’15

31 Oct

Previously: Morning Musume ’15 center Sayashi Riho announces graduation

Tokyo Sports analyzed the reason for Sayashi Riho’s departure from Morning Musume ’15..

Ex SKE48 member Matsui Rena has said before, centers for idol groups are actually lonely. Sayashi Riho herself is also often alone backstage.

In MBS radio “Young Town”, Sayashi mentioned herself “I don’t have any friends..”However, her fellow members from 9th to 12th generation are close despite the generation gaps.

She has also said “It’s better that i’m alone since i don’t have to be wary of others.”

Related personnel says “She’s belongs to the type who can’t communicate well with others. She doesn’t consult others when she’s worried, so this is the result of bearing it herself. If she had members or staff whom she can speak to then we might have a different result.”

For example, someone like ex-leader Takahashi Ai whom Sayashi looked up to.

For a girl shouldering the responsibilities of a national girl group, her pressure must have been really high.


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