AKB48 Takajo Aki announces graduation

16 Dec

AKB48 Takajo Aki(24) announced her graduation from the group during “5th AKB48 Kouhaku Utagassen” at Tokyo Dome City Hall yesterday.”

“Even though this announcement may come as a surprise, in my heart, it is something that has been floating around for 2 years. I didn’t want to graduate all these while, after all i love AKB48. I have no complaints with the environment. When i imagine my future and think about what i should do, what i’m lacking in, the challenges i have to face as an adult, i was scared. I am graduating because i can’t stay in the comfort zone.”

She also expressed her wish to pursue the path of an actress in future. She has been casted as the lead in a butai next year.

Takajo is the last 6th generation member as of present. She was a member of subunit French Kiss with Kuramochi Asuka(graduated) and Kashiwagi Yuki, which disbanded in May this year.


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