Miyazawa Sae announces graduation from 48Group during FNS Kayousai 2015

17 Dec

Before i move on to the highlights from FNS Kayousai 2015 (Part 2), lets take a look at yet another graduation announcement from 48Group.

SKE48/SNH48 Miyazawa considered graduating 1 year ago, and as usual, consulted producer Akimoto Yasushi beforehand. She decided to make a public announcement during the live broadcast of FNS Kayousai on 16th December 2015. 2 days before, she had discussed it with fellow generation members Oshima Yuko and Akimoto Sayaka, who expressed their support.

She said “It feels refreshing. Yuko sent me a message ‘you’ve done well’. ”

She also talked about the trigger in her decision – being casted as the heroine for musical “Crest of the Royal Family”. “I couldn’t sleep for some time with all the pressure. I want to shock everyone in the musical industry.” When asked if she has anymore endeavors left in 48Group, she mentioned that she wants to become a legendary presence in the hearts of fans and members.

Miyazawa is nominating Team S Yagata Miki to become the next leader of SKE48, with Takeuchi Mai(22) in the vice position.


In another article, she mentioned wanting to stay on for exactly 10 years, which means her graduation date is somewhere around April 2016.

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