Tanaki Koki sends Taguchi message of support and talks about life after KAT-TUN

17 Dec

Okay, so Tanaka Koki was interviewed recently for a New Year show (TV Osaka “Waza waza Iu Telebi”). He talked about feeling like “dying” when he left KAT-TUN.

Firstly, he confessed to finding out about Taguchi’s departure from KAT-TUN pretty much at the same time as everyone else. “We’re buddies who ate from the same rice pot. I’m having a tough time myself, but we’ve got to do what we have to do. Let’s work hard?”

He continued to talk about his own departure from the group. “At that time KAT-TUN was everything to me, so it felt empty suddenly, like i was going to die….”

He then gave some explosive insights on the current idol industry.

“Especially for female idols, they have too much service spirit. Things like hugs, underwear, date-able concepts, isn’t that no different from hostesses? There’s things like…how far will you go in your servicing?”

Continuing on his own idol days, he said “For me, i’ve gone to blind meetings which i don’t attend 80% of the time. Dated people i’ve not met in my work. On the Internet, people said i’ve dated Itano Tomomi! On the contrary, i’d like to!”

However, there’s no smoke without fire. To this, Tanaka agreed that it’s true, in a way admitting to some of his past relationship rumours.



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