Bunshun spots AKB48 Takajo Aki sleeping over at J-league soccer coach’s house

22 Dec

Yet another article thanks to Bunshun….i actually skipped one about Yukirin and her birthday message to Tegoshi. If anyone wants to know the details do let me know.


On the 15th December, Takajo Aki announced her graduation from 48Group during their annual Kouhaku event. However, according to Bunshun Shukan, she had a sleepover date at a man’s house 5 days earlier.

On 10th December at 10pm, Takajo was spotted having a meal with 2 men at Naka Meguro. Takajo was telling them “Finally my contract can be cut off.”

After 2 hours, the 3 of them headed to the back of the shop and boarded a taxi. 1 of them alighted at Shibuya Station while Takajo and the remaining guy headed to his apartment in Shibuya. The next time Takajo was spotted was next morning 11am. Barefaced, she hailed a taxi sleepily before heading home.

The guy is ‘A’, coach of J-league Urawa Red Diamonds. The next day, when asked about the sleepover, ‘A’ said “She did come to my house, but she slept alone.”

AKB management did not offer a comment by the magazine’s deadline. However, a related person says there was another couple in the apartment and that Takajo is not in a relationship with the guy.


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