Shimazaki Haruka meets ideal type Ayabe Yuji,reveals Akimoto Yasushi’s threat

24 Dec


On the 22nd December episode of “Atsushi x Paruru no Maru Maru Baito!”, AKB48 Shimazaki Haruka(Paruru) meets actor/comedian Ayabe Yuji, whom she has described as her ideal type.

Ayabe Yuji commented “It can be a demerit to the party who confesses to liking me. So the celebrity friends around me are saying Paruru is a good girl!”

When host Atsushi asked Paruru if she’s happy to be sitting next to Ayabe, she replied “Yes! Ever since his drama ended i’ve lost my daily entertainment.”

On this day, Ayabe came decked out in Paruru’s favorite fashion –  a v-neck white sweater. The 2 strolled around the studio pretending to be on a date. However, their awkward attempt at conversation forced Paruru to run back to Atsushi, saying “I can’t continue anymore. Atsushi san has to be around. I can’t take charge of the situation.”

Akimoto Yasushi’s threat “You can’t exchange contacts!”


In another segment, Ayabe sat on the sofa using Paruru’s favorite pose. With Paruru next to him, he asked “What shall we do from now?” Paruru divulged details of a conversation with 48Group producer Akimoto Yasushi. “He told me i shouldn’t exchange LINE contacts with you, he’d cut his tongue and die!”

Ayabe became very sad.

He asked “I have no intentions of breaking the rule, but does that mean i just need to wait it out(till you graduate)?” Paruru nodded and Ayabe doubled up in pain “What is this?!I can’t stand it…”


Paruru asks in the end “Will you wait for me?” Ayabe’s head sinks.


Full episode below:

Paruru is so giggly in this episode i can tell she really likes him.
This also reminds me the the loveline between Mayuy x Pokota in UTAGE!

2 Responses to “Shimazaki Haruka meets ideal type Ayabe Yuji,reveals Akimoto Yasushi’s threat”

  1. mimi January 18, 2016 at 10:30 am #


    • allthingsjpop January 19, 2016 at 7:25 am #

      The date of episode is in the article, not sure if it’s still available on YouTube since things get deleted.

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