Watanabe Mayu to have a love affair with Sawajiri Erika in period drama “Ooku”

27 Dec


AKB48 Watanabe Mayu(21) will be challenging love scenes for the first time in Fuji TV period drama “Ooku”(airs 22nd and 29th Jan 2016) with Sawajiri Erika, who plays the female lead.

Watanabe acts as a servant in the residence of the Shogun(General). The Shogun has multiple wives,who compete with each other for his attention. However, Watanabe turns a cold eye on the events around her. In the trailer, she says “I have no interest in men.” Sawajiri Erika, one of the Shogun’s wives, becomes attracted to her and they start a love affair.


Watanabe says “I was shocked when i was given the offer. I’ve been watching the series with my family from young. I can’t believe i can appear in it and feel worried, but i’m really happy.”

On collaborating with Sawajiri Erika, she said “When we first met, i was nervous and couldn’t initiate a conversation. However, Sawajiri san asked ‘Mayuyu how old are you?’ so my nerves went away.”

Sawajiri said “Watanabe san is cute and the person for this role. It was enjoyable working with her.”



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