Full article of Becky and Kawatani Enon in Bunshun plus aftermath

ベッキー出演CMの打ち切り決定 “不倫騒動”の代償は大きく…

Background info

Full article was published in Bunshun yesterday and it came with photos of Becky and Kawatani spending Christmas Eve in a hotel room, as well as snapshots of their LINE conversation.

Apparently, Kawatani stayed at Hotel New Otani Makuhari as Gesu no Kiwami Otome was scheduled to perform at Music Station Super Live at Makuhari Messe on Christmas Day last year. Becky showed up on Christmas Eve and they went for a date at nearby DisneySea. They returned to the hotel at night and Becky stayed until the next morning. After the gig in Music Station, Kawatani sent a message to Becky reminiscing their day before and Becky replied “Yup, i wanna tell the Hills Tribe* that true happiness does not require money.”

LINE conversation about Christmas(Right Photo)
Becky: Kenchan, thanks for the great eve and Christmas. Taking me to Sea, treating me, giving me such a nice present, i’m really really thankful. It was really blissful. Just being together is happiness.

*Refers to the rich living in Roppongi Hills.

As they were getting closer, Kawatani’s relationship with his wife was breaking down. He had confessed to his wife about the presence of an important person in his life. A followup conversation between Becky and Kawatani went like this.

Kawatani: I told her i have someone i wanted to treasure 
Becky: Yes..
Kawatani: She said “that means it’s an out?”
Becky: Oh…
Kawatani: But i don’t know if this is a positive or negative. For now, it’s until here.
Becky: It’s positive! It’ll be alright.

LINE conversation about Kawatani’s divorce(Left Photo)
Kenchan: We talked. It might be better to wait it out without talking. It’ll just get emotional otherwise. It might take time but i’ll finish the graduation thesis**, wait for me. It’s really tough on you, but i hope you’ll wait.

Becky: Kenchan good morning. It’s fine! I’ll wait. So pls wait for me too. It’s fine! I’ll make you listen to my complaints after you submit the graduation thesis! (Laugh)

**Refers to divorce papers.

Another snippet tells about Kawatani showing up as a surprise while Becky was in Osaka working on 19th December. She was very touched and wrote “Kenchan, thanks for coming to Osaka. How much will does that take? I’m already very touched when i see people holding hands in the streets. I was really happy, thank you.”

Source, Source

Status of Becky’s CM Contracts

Becky currently has contracts with 10 CM companies and 1 of them has decided to pull their ads.
Convenience chain “Lawson” has pulled their ad featuring Becky.
Insurance company “Himawari Life” is considering changing out Becky as their image character.


Becky and Kawatani have reportedly broken up

They decided to stop seeing each other on 5th Jan, after being caught by paparazzi in Nagasaki. This was also before news articles of them were published.


Kawatani Enon living apart from his wife

Gesu no Kiwami Otome’s vocalist Kawatani Enon is living in a hotel after reports of his affair with Becky broke. His wife reportedly did not agree to a divorce.

A related personnel says “He does not know what to say infront of the mass media.He is also avoiding going out except for work, in a bid to reduce inconvenience to Becky’s side.”


Bunshun speaks to Kawatani Enon’s wife

They dated from 2012 and married in July 2015, but their marriage was hidden from the world, with Kawatani even describing her as a “friend” when Bunshun first caught him with Becky in Nagasaki. He later acknowledged her status as his spouse through a fax to the media.

“It was most shocking to learn that he went back to his hometown with her over the New Year without telling me. What kind of feelings did he have introducing Becky to his family? What intentions did Becky have meeting his parents? Honestly, i can’t think and don’t want to,” she said.

Apparently, after Becky held a emergency press conference to apologise, the wife received mails and calls from Kawatani, urging her to submit the divorce papers.

A music industry insider says “Even though the 2 decided to not meetup again, it’s not the case. Both their agencies agreed that they should not meet until the divorce papers are submitted. Beneath the surface, the 2 are still communicating, saying it’s fine not to meet until the divorce papers are served.”

Currently, the wife has difficulty ingesting food and is just lying down.


Becky was discouraged by actress friends from continuing the affair

Becky confessed to actress friends about falling for Kawatani Enon towards end of November 2015. She also told them that he’s married but would seek divorce immediately. Her friends tried to stop her and advised her to end the relationship.

Amongst the actress friends are a female lead from NHK’s morning drama, and others with roots in comedy and modelling.

A related insider says “She was troubled since she didn’t have many relationships. She was struggling between the words of Kawatani and her friends.” Becky took the advice of her friends at first but her relationship with Kawatani got closer with the visit to his hometown Nagasaki.


Becky continued to appear in her regular variety “Nijiiro Jean” after the scandal, however protests from sponsers of the show forced production team to drop her. Seeing that other shows will do the same, her agency decided to let her go into “hiatus”.
It seems like Becky is insistent on being with Enon “all the way to the end”, even expressing intentions of quitting the industry despite persuasion from staff to end the relationship.

Becky writes handwritten letter of apology to co-workers
It is said that she’d written 100 letters in 1 month to co-workers, apologising for the trouble caused by her scandal. However, she maintains in her letters that she and Enon are only friends.
Previous source claims that in another LINE expose, Becky and Enon had decided to tell the outside world they are merely “friends”.

Enon lashes out at fans during live in 2nd March live

“I’m telling you i’m keeping silent not because i like it! On the Internet people are telling me to apologise but to whom should i apologise to? Honestly this is a private matter so it’s nothing to do with all!”

His comment is troubling Becky’s agency, who only wants the matter to die down and was supposedly planning her comeback for July.


Enon officiates divorce on 9th May 

As announced on his blog.


Becky to return to TV on 13th May (Nakai Masahiro’s “Kin Sma”)

The condition for her return,was for her to apologise to Kawatani Enon’s wife first, and the wife has given the green light.


Final update here:



4 responses to “Full article of Becky and Kawatani Enon in Bunshun plus aftermath

  1. ohhhh………. whoever leaked all these information just ruined Becky’s career. She just seemed so honest in that video about not being involve with that guy, but turns out she was even waiting for him to submit the divorce papers.

    I am actually quite shock I really thought bunshun was making a big thing over nothing …..

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