Keyakizaka46 center likened to Goto Maki and Yamaguchi Momoe

12 Apr

Keyaizaka46 made their CD debut on the 6th April 2016 with “Silent Majority”, a single which grossed 191k sales on first day alone. 14 year old center Hirate Yurina stood out with her overwhelming presence, earning much attention from idol fans amongst others.

Producer and lyricist Akimoto Yasushi  started Keyakizaka46 4 years after launching Nogizaka46. A 20-member team was formed after auditions between 22509 girls. The original name for the group was Torizaka46 but later changed to Keyakizaka46.

Fans started gathering on 29th February, when the official site of Keyakizaka46 unveiled photos of senbatsu members. On 16th March, the debut song “Silent Majority” MV was released.

The girls ditched their “ojou sama” concept and changed into military style clothes, performing their song infront of Shibuya Station with synchronized dance steps. The coolness in their image and the edgy message in their song went viral. It was only 5 days later before YouTube views of their MV hit 3million. Due to the overwhelming attention, the full MV continued to open to public view.

The member who earned most attention was the youngest center Hirate Yurina. She was praised for her “center-like aura” and acknowledged by other members’ fans. Other music producers also noted her “overwhelming presence”, comparing her to legendary idol Yamaguchi Momoe and Goto Maki, who created much fanfare when she joined Morning Musume at the age of 13.

AKB48 ace Watanabe Mayu was also one of the first to notice Hirate. On 23rd March, she tweeted “Keyakizaka debut MV is released~so cool~~nice~~ the center is giving off a good vibe.” Fans were amazed at Hirate’s young age.

MC of Keyakizaka46’s variety show, Teruyuki Tsuchida, also got excited after seeing the MV. “She’s innocent, bright usually. But Hirate’s so cool! Especially during the chorus!”

When the variety show started last October, the members were tasked to take a selfie for self-introduction. Reflecting on that episode, Tsuchida said “You had to take 3 shots, but hers were all different. After the filming, the staff were talking about how great she was and her potential as center.  She was also the one chosen to hold a nameplate with the words “Keyakizaka46” during the photo session after auditions, so probably it was then that she was expected to be the face of the group.

With their debut song ranking No.1 on the Oricion daily chart, will they accomplish the mission of ranking No.1 on the weekly chart which Nogizaka46 was not able to achieve? Also, will they beat HKT48’s record of 25k sales in their debut week?


I saw alot of noise marketing in Japanese media for this group and decided to post something about them. Heard they are also doing well in digital sales which means people are really listening. Not that i understand the hype …. not a fan of edgy songs.

Update: So they surpassed both Nogi and HKT to become the highest selling female artiste in debut week.


Purchase their debut single here:

Limited Type A

Limited Type B

Limited Type C

Regular Edition



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