Maeda Atsuko to release drama theme song in first album

12 Apr

Actress Maeda Atsuko(24) will release her first album on 22nd June 2016.

This release date is the same as that of her solo debut single “Flower” 5 years ago. The theme song for her new drama “Busujima Yuriko no Sekirara Nikki” will also be included in the album.

Maeda said “This is the first album I’ve been waiting for. It’s being released on my 5th year anniversary since my solo debut so i’m happy.”

On the song “Selfish” which is theme song for her new drama, she said “I’m singing with the feelings of my character i play in the drama. It’s a song which everyone would sing in Karaoke. It’s sad and cool at the same time. Certainly the perspectives from my drama would be communicated to everyone.”

There will be other new songs included in the album.


Tidbit: In the drama, she plays the role of a reporter who is in a relationship with 2 guys at the same time.

Preorder her first album here:

Type A

Type B

Type C

Type D

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