NHK morning drama “Toto Neechan” off to a good start with 21.7% ratings

12 Apr

NHK morning drama “Toto Neechan” which stars actress Mitsuki Takahata(24) as female lead is off to a good start, averaging 21.7%(Kanto region) in ratings in its first week.

This is the drama taking over 156-episode “Asa ga Kita”, which ended with an average rating of 23.5%, the highest in this century. “Asa ga Kita” had slightly lower ratings of 20.3% in its first week.

“Toto neechan” is a story taking place in the showa era of high economic growth. Having lost her father, Kohashi Tsuneko(played by Mitsuki) takes on the role of leader in her family and starts a magazine with practical articles for females.

The drama theme song “Hanabata wo Kimi ni” is written by and sung by Utada Hikaru. This marks her return to music activites after 5.5 years.


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