SNH48 senbatsu getting golden opportunities in China

7 Jul



SNH48 started its project to release original music this year and are spending big bucks apparently, as they have roped in JJ Lin and David Tao to produce songs for the Top Senbatsu of this year’s Sousenkyo, which will take place on 30th July 2016.

JJ Lin just bagged Best Male Singer and Best Composer in this year’s 27th Golden Melody Awards, which is the Chinese equivalent of the Grammy Awards.



Psy rumored to guest for SNH48 Sousenkyo 2016

A netizen released papers revealing PSY’s participation in the upcoming Sousenkyo.

PSY has been mentoring SNH48 in the Chinese survival show “Heroes of Remix”, where they create EDM music.  An insider also revealed that YG Entertainment(PSY’s agency) is also gathering their best songwriters to take part in SNH48’s original music project.


Hallyu Star Song Joong Ki films Tencent Ying Yong Bao App advert with SNH48

*faints at all these collaborations with top names in Asia* 

I don’t follow SNH48 but everytime i hear news about them, it makes me go OMG. The AKB management needs to learn from their chinese counterparts instead of kicking them out when there’s differences in direction. A song by JJ Lin is simply uncomparable to that crappy Love Trip!!!


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