Interviews for AKB48 new documentary “Sonzai Suru Riyu”

7 Jul

One would wonder if she feels pressure fighting for the top with so many people watching. “Pressure is always there. Next year, i’d probably feel it too. I won’t become used to it even if i do it all my life. Even if i talk about it with someone they wouldn’t understand so i don’t. It feels like i’m battling something invisible. I’m always feeling the pain in my stomach up till the last minute. But once it’s over, it’s gone. I feel relaxed at that point.”

“The members i’m closest with are Yukirin and Sasshi, even from the past. You can take it that i hate pitting myself against others, but i’m bad at seeing others as a rival. I don’t want to. I’m an advocator of peace.”

On graduation, she said “I’ve thought about it. Like when? But, i feel like the timing isn’t something i can decide by myself, so i’ll decide based on the surroundings.I can’t say how many years that is..”

On the future of AKB48, she said “I think that AKB48 will go down if the members don’t work hard. I’ve worked with a sense of crisis from the start, so in fact i’m thinking it’s unbelievable we’ve come this far. Nowadays, there’s less people  who can match the members’ names with their faces? This is detrimental.”

However, she also spoke of a new hope for AKB48. “I have great expectations of the center for our new single this time, Mukaichi Mion. I think she’s the savior of AKB48. She’s worthy of shouldering the new era of AKB48.”

The new AKB48 documentary “Sonzai Suru Riyu DOCUMENTARY OF AKB48” airs in theaters on 8th July 2016.


Shimazaki Haruka

As the documentary also touches on the activities of graduated members, Shimazaki said “Members have their own paths after graduation. My time will come too. I’ve come to look forward to how my future will turn out after graduation.”

Kojima Haruna

For Kojima who announced her graduation on the 18th June during AKB48’s 8th General Elections, she said “It’s been days since the announcement, but things hasn’t changed. I’ve thought of graduating years ago, and carried on with activities with the atmosphere of having one foot out the door. The situation hasn’t changed.”

“There’s alot of stories and thoughts from the girls who are going to create AKB from now on. I watched this documentary while rooting them on.”


Mayu & Yukirin on Harugon

Nakagawa Haruka was also a point of focus in the documentary. Watanabe Mayu and Kashiwagi Yuki talked about their same generation member who transferred to JKT48 in 2012. Harugon is said to have over 20 CMs and is now a household name in Indonesia.

Kashiwagi said “She was really like a child….like her speech.Honestly, i couldn’t imagine she’d be so successful in JKT.”

Watanabe said “It was the most meaningful advancement. Nope, she’s actually the same generation we’re proudest of.”


The director behind this documentary also interviewed Bunshun and producers behind other idol groups like Morning Musume and Momoiro Clover Z.

The new AKB48 documentary “Sonzai Suru Riyu DOCUMENTARY OF AKB48” airs in theaters on 8th July 2016.

2 Responses to “Interviews for AKB48 new documentary “Sonzai Suru Riyu””

  1. Denny Sinnoh July 7, 2016 at 7:59 pm #

    RE: Mayu & Yukirin on Harugon

    Kind words, I guess …
    I love.Haruka Nakagawa. I would have liked to have sen those bicycle-tour videos she made, but they were all blocked. I wish I knew enough about why she fell in love so much with Indonesia. It is an interesting story, which I wish I had the language skills to understand.

  2. Katarafan July 7, 2016 at 9:05 pm #

    Sasshi literally crushed Mayuyu in this year’s election, even with 2015 votes she would have won with 20k votes more. I feel bad for Mayu but to be completely honest, I was cheering for Sasshi because I just so badly wanted the curse of no one wins in a row to be broken at last (JKT election is a separated event so I’m not including Jessica Veranda). I appreciate the qualities that both Sasshi & Mayu offer in their unorthodox-orthodox rivalry so I was okay with either result but Sasshi winning just made history and established new records. It was a more interesting outcome.
    Next year, I hope neither of them enter the competition. Just like Maeda-Oshima rivalry, the Sasshi-Mayuyu rivalry is becoming old and repetitive. If Mayu entered the election with Sasshi out, it would be an empty victory, no glory in defeating Sakura, Jurina or even Sayanee. Maybe Yukirin if she could recover from her massive loss of votes. Highly unlikely though… Besides, they said this would be their last election. In a way, I’m happy I will never spend my money on this event again.

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