Sato Takeru and Kasumi Arimura talk about love and confessions during movie PR

7 Oct

Image result for 佐藤健 ビックリ「男からするものでしょう、本来は」

Actor Sato Takeru(27) and actress Kasumi Arimura(23) are in the midst of promoting for their new movie “Nanimono” which airs 15th October 2016.

Sato Takeru was all smiles in an event where only females attended. “I can’t stand it. Everyone is cute!” Kasumi Arimura said “It’s my first time attending a female-only event, it’s fresh and calming. If only we can do more girls talk.”

Considering the theme of the movie, which is about love, the audience were asked if they valued love over friendship. Sato Takeru shared his views “It can’t be compared, but a person who places importance on love would be good. Her friends would understand it.”

On the topic of confessions, Sato Takeru said “This should be something the guys initiate originally. But i’d be happy if the girls try to confess to me.”

Kasumi Arimura said “I’d be happy if the guys confess to me. But i’d probably say it myself if i want my feelings to be known.”


Teaser for movie which also stars Suda Masaki, Nikaido Fumi, Masaki Okada. It is about college students going through the phase of job placements.

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