[AKB48 Sousenkyo]Bunshun exposes Sutou Ririka’s relationship with a man and she digs her way out by announcing marriage

18 Jun


1 day before Sousenkyo: Bunshun teases on a major scoop involving NMB48 member.

Sousenkyo: While thanking her fans for putting her in 20th position, NMB48 Sutou Ririka said “I started to like someone for the first time. I, NMB48 Sutou Ririka,will marry. It sounds nonsensical, but i am serious. I have always received your support and realised many dreams. In the midst of it, i have found a person i really love. I have never lied as an idol, and like everyone as myself. My feelings to marry is real. Thank you.”

Whilst everyone thought she was joking, the MC pressed her for confirmations and asked about her partner. That was when things started to get serious. “You guys taught me about love. I really want to live seriously.”

Late night: Bunshun releases article detailing Sutou Ririka’s sleepover at a man’s house on the night of 8th May 2017. When confronted, she explained that it was a “friend”. No comments from agency. The man is in the medical/pharmaceutical industry.


Edit: Agency has confirmed her statements.

Past, present, future lords of AKB48 express their shock and anger

no title

“I don’t know what to say.” -Yamamoto Sayaka


“I always thought that someone would announce it one day, but to think that it’s Riripon. She’d been a center afterall.” – Kojima Haruna(in live commentary)

Oshima Yuko was doing an instagram live and expressed her feelings by showing  her cap.


Takamina says her feelings are the same as Yuko’s white cap.


Watanabe Mayu’s reaction says it all



My first reaction: This girl has the same media playing skills as Sashihara
Secondary reaction: That’s….a joke right?
Final reaction: Wells, this is how 48Group has degraded thanks to Sashihara and her fans. And that is why Okada Nana and Takahashi Juri are openly venting their frustrations in their speeches. 

3 Responses to “[AKB48 Sousenkyo]Bunshun exposes Sutou Ririka’s relationship with a man and she digs her way out by announcing marriage”

  1. Denny Sinnoh June 18, 2017 at 1:27 am #

    Reblogged this on Denny Sinnoh and commented:
    Well, I can’t say I ever obsessed over her. She was good, and I loved her in the “Durian” song.

    She really should have announced her GRADUATION first, then some time later the engagement. At least then, fans like me could still live a life of denial.

    I wish her all the best, but I feel a little betrayed.
    In … total … agreement … with … Yuko’s … hat!

    One positive note, at least she upstaged the Irishwoman winning the election for the xxth time in a row.

    So devastated we are that Mayu Watanabe announced she is leaving show bisness and will be opening her own Udon noodles shop.
    (Ha. That last line was made up, or I saw it on CNN).

  2. e June 18, 2017 at 7:22 pm #

    if it is a joke, it is a very bad joke. it made a lot members and fans mad, even some fans want their voting money refunded. joke went over like a lead balloon. if joke, would nmb48/akb48 take her back ?
    if real, arranged marriage ? when did she date and get boyfriend ? wouldn’t someone found out earlier.
    if arranged marriage, I sorry
    if she did find her soulmate, then I happy for her. and sad she no longer a idol and in nmb48.
    but real or trolling/joke, wow. I did not see anyone happy for her announcement. some members jump up and fall, laughing so hard. others members and many fans are shocked and very mad.
    if did find her love and no one knew, would she still marry now ? or just hurried before big scandal. when did she decide to marry ? at end of voting ? if before election started, that bad to all, since she forced to quit.
    current idol rule, right or wrong. but if she knows it before joining, then.
    if it was not for it being against idol rule, then how many would still be mad

  3. justice for 48G June 21, 2017 at 1:25 pm #

    Well.. All we need to know is that she is Fucked up.
    I totally agree with Yuko , Naachan , Juri , Mayuyu and other members reactions. By trying to announce such a shocking thing in her speech at a big platform like SSK, Fans definitely felt betrayed for their efforts to vote her up to 20th. Considering 20th is indeed a high rank, She should give a worthy speech that her hardworking fans should deserve. Fans would appreciate it better.
    BUT, even if she knew the Marriage scandal would blow up during/before SSK, she should have just apologize for such behavior in her speech to show her sincerity. Then graduate and marry in her private life . I am sure her fans would take time to forgive her. however, she decided to FUCK herself up by a Marriage announcement to let everyone know. (IF THIS IS A JOKE or Just for Attention, U girl have crossed the line and there is no turning pt. So Good Luck ahead facing all the media.)
    Well, i feel that every fan and 48G member should have the right to react to it in their ways. Be it in venting frustration in speeches, hats :), and actions.
    Riripon’s abrupt announcement Sure impacted AKB and 48G reputations, therefore Members who really Loved 48G will be angered and have the right to scold or voice out their frustration at all cost.
    i find it funny that even her nmb members laugh and thought it is a joke. members who waved and shake their heads in denial. members who were shocked and showing disapproval during SSK. She caused a lot of trouble and Even members have to apologize on her behalf. I feel sad for nmb members, unranked members who have to hear such speech and the rest of other 48G members.
    No one would thought a draft ,NMB Center would cause such a problem.

    I believe that her “DAMN” shirt that she wore is sure a disrespectful and intentional reply to Yuko. Girl, u should show some remorse by wearing plain shirt or something.
    But Kudos to Riripon for doing the Best in Ruining her “IDOL” status (and her LIFE )In the WORST and Unexpected way.

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