[AKB48 Sousenkyo]Reactions to Sutou Ririka’s marriage announcement


  • Oshima Yuko apologises for using vulgarities to express her anger at Ririka.
  • Takamina called it a risky move. She’s also angry about management not doing anything despite knowing very well what reactions would follow, assuming management knew about it beforehand. (Source)
  • Sayanee says she can’t comment much yet but considering the trust and what she knows of Riripon, she cannot entirely blame for her what she did.
  • Milky likes Riripon and would be worried if she’s not happy. (Source)
  • Sashihara first said she’d support Ririka but backtracks in another interview saying “idols should remain idols onstage“. Insiders call her out for being routinely superficial.
  • Riripon is questioned by media at the airport but she did not say anything. She wore a T-shirt emblazoned with “DAMN”. It is seen as a challenge to what Yuko thinks of her.
  • Nogizaka46 decided to walk the flowery path by commenting on Mayuyu’s impending graduation. (Source)

4 responses to “[AKB48 Sousenkyo]Reactions to Sutou Ririka’s marriage announcement

    • Yuko was just being yuko.
      I think Akimoto certainly gave the pass for this bomb, he mentioned in an article some years back it’d be the coolest thing for someone to make a marriage announcement.

  1. Hello admin! Do you mind posting updates/reactions of the election? I am really curious about what’s going on in Japan after all the bombshells that were dropped but I don’t understand Japanese :/ Thanks a lot :))

    • Most of it is about riripon’s marriage, the internal and external catfight. Nothing much about the others. Even for Mayuyu, the headline that got her a No. 1 trending article was about her expression during Riripon’s announcement.

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