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Hello this is Yuna!

AllThingsJpop is a site that tries to provide information about jpop music, news, tv appearances and reviews! My biases are primarily AKB48, Johnny’s groups and whoever is popular in Japan at the moment. If you have any requests for translations, i’ll be happy to help. If you’d like to take my content and republish it elsewhere, feel free to do so, but read my disclaimers below.

1. I’ll not take responsibility if you incur any trouble from sharing/using any of my posts anywhere i.e, in mass media. Reason being some of these posts are translations from Japanese sources and it is only accurate to the best of my abilities.

2. If you’re sharing/using my posts elsewhere, do credit and link back to this site.

3. Videos/graphics on AllThingsJpop were not uploaded or hosted myself. AllThingsjpop is not liable for copyright by any country. If content is in question for copyright violation, pls contact the source directly.

4. Some articles on AllThingsJpop include reviews which may sometimes be in-favorable to subject mentioned. No defamation or equivalent is intended. I will not be responsible if subject or readers are inconvenienced by it.

For other enquiries, find me on twitter or facebook. You can also email me at allthingsjpop@gmail.com but i don’t check it so the fastest will be to leave a comment in my posts. Thanks for reading.


45 responses to “About Yuna

    • I saw this piece of news from major news outlets but none of them were as detailed as your source. Can u tell me about your source? I just want to make sure I’m not reading a fanfic.

      • I found that on google. I’m not really sure too. Probably from some Japanese tabloids? I feel like reading Bunshun article..

  1. i wonder what this articel talking about, it’s like talking about my oshi, maeda atsuko, can you help me with give me explanation or may be full translation 😀

    thanks before

    • Actually only a small portion of that article was talking about Acchan. Natsu Mayumi is the choreographer for AKB48 and Morning Musume and was the judge in AKB48’s 1st gen auditions.She was on the lookout for girls who wanted to pass the auditions, and not those who were good at dancing.And rather than the audition performance, she looked out for their practices leading up to the audition. There are girls who didn’t practice, or those who gave up, but Acchan was one who didn’t care about what was happening around her and only concentrated on memorizing her dance steps. Her concentration was the key factor in helping Natsu Mayumi to decide that she is the one who will survive showbiz.

    • They are saying that Erepyon has received a record offer of Y700million for an av debut. Her debut is “confirmed” by un-named insiders. But on Erepyon’s blog, she simply said she was retiring from showbiz because of a new goal, which she will announce in future.

      The rest of the article is basically about her over-the-top service during fan events, and how these suggest her interest in the av industry. You can read more here:http://majide2ch.blogspot.sg/2013/06/erena-ono-answers-her-detractors.html

      To me, it’s just another of those rumors which come around once a celeb quits. It happened when Erepyon quit AKB a few years back, and when Goto Maki went on hiatus. I guess their image has got alot to do with it.

    • I didn’t know but after some googling, the source is Shukan Bunshun. They are saying that Kubota Yasushi’s handling of company funds was not transparent resulting in a loss, so Kyoraku(the pachinko company financing AKB) bought over AKS and Kubota resigned.

      Bunshun then mentioned a portion of the loss was channeled into Ricori, which brings back rumors of the relationship between Mariko and Kubota.

  2. Can you translate this, i wonder what about Jurina thinks about her fight with Yui:


    • “I would like to win by mental fight, by considering what Yui is thinking when we go up against each other.” Reporter asked what she moves she will use this year, she said it’s a secret. Then reporter asks what moves she expects from opponents. “Even if you use “paper” it’ll be alright.”

  3. Hi, I was wondering if you sub videos? I have a raw episode of VS Arashi that I would like subbed but I understand if you can’t/don’t want to do it.

    (PS Your blog is very nice ^^)

    • It’s saying that Matsujun has been passed over as male lead for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure movie. The author wanted someone who’s really tall, and as you know…it’s said that this is embarrassing for Matsujun and Johnny’s agency is infuriated. Johnny’s are eager to expand their claws into the movie industry, and while they can influence casting in dramas, they can’t do it in movies. Movie directors are also unwilling to cast Johnny’s idols. The author is said to have chosen Yamazaki Kento.

    • There’s nothing much about drug allegations. Just saying Nakai is being approved to set up his own agency within Johnny’s to take on individual jobs. This is something that hasn’t been offered to other talents before. Condition is he won’t quit Johnny’s to setup agency outside. So apparently Kimura is angry and is wondering what they are seeing him as.

      The drugs talk is something minor, like how he was dragged through the mud because of his friendship with druggie celebs.

  4. Hey! Just wanted to tell you that I really like your blog and I think it’s great you are writing about japanese music. I myself have a blog in which I write about japanese music and I am always happy to find other people doing this because sadly jpop is not as popular as it has been some years ago. Keep up the good work! ^0^

  5. Hey Yuna, do you know what happened to Iijima Michi after she left Johnny? I read an article about her and somehow I feel curious about her. And btw do you like keyakizaka46? You should check them out!

    • Hi, i do not know what happened to her. There are lotsa articles about SMAP everyday, not sure if she’s mentioned in them but i’m already tired of them. As for Keyakizaka46 i paid them some attention during their debut but i’ve exited the 48/46 fandom now. But i do know they are in trouble now!

      • Hello, sorry for the late reply. I have simply grown tired of 48Group. It used to be a shiny group for me in terms of songs, lineup and performance. Everything about them was idol-like. These years i just get continuously disappointed with their songs and no effort. I still support my Oshi who is struggling to revive the group but i wish she can graduate and move on for herself too.

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